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 Azrael Ouriel Auxilium

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Azrael Auxilium

Azrael Auxilium

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PostSubject: Azrael Ouriel Auxilium   Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:45 am


Name: Azrael Ouriel Auxilium
Age: Unknown - looks 23.

Family History: God is her father in a sense, creating her in the ashes of darkness. Michael, Gabriel and so on are her closest 'brothers'. She classes them her only family despite not seeing her brothers in an extremely long time.

Character History: 
Azrael Auxilium was created over death, carnage and darkness and as the Lord wished it, she became the archangel of Death. Her older brothers, Micheal and Gabriel laughed at her creation but changed their minds after spending years with her. They formed a close bond but after the Humans were created and Lucifer refused to love them more than God, the bond broke due to her Lord needing her older brothers. Quickly becoming jealous of how close they were to God, she went to the Third Heaven and resided there for years and years. God spoke to her through a messenger Angel and made her some form of Guardian but not of the living, instead a guardian of the dead to direct them to their destination. Often carrying around a large book that contains the names of men at birth and death, she erases the ones that die and adds the ones that are born. Azrael could not help but find a loophole in the rules. Being a guardian of the dead, she was entitled to protect even Vampires 

Physical Description: (What does your character look like?) 
Her hair is almost as black as night but in some forms of light, there is a hint of brown. Her eyes are as red as fire but when using her powers, they turned into a black and when she’s angry, gold just like Eris’s eyes. With a button nose and cupid bow shaped lips that is the colour of a red rose, she had the look of innocence despite how aggressive she can get. She is 5’7 and has a slim build but is also muscley. Her wings, which she allows everyone to see as she;s proud of them, are a midnight black but the tips look as if they have been dipped in blood and at the top has a lace pattern which are gold. Her wings are larger than nearly all the angels and drag on the floor. Spread out, they could easily match a plane.

Personality: Azrael is very protective over ones she cares about and if they get hurt, she has a short temper and will do anything to get revenge despite how much she’s been taught to be kind and calm. Being a guardian of the Dead allows her strong curiosity to run wild when she wants to know something about someone as she is allowed to ask family members that have passed anything she wishes and is allowed to do anything she wants to get said information. She is often quick to judge and trusts no one until she learns more about them. Azrael, as much as she loves her Lord, can do whatever she pleases and doesn’t directly answer to him as she walks a thin line between light and dark, also living and dead.

What species is you character? Angel
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PostSubject: Re: Azrael Ouriel Auxilium   Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:38 pm

By Lilith (Tess)
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Azrael Ouriel Auxilium
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