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 Eden Wynters

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PostSubject: Eden Wynters   Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:20 am


Name: Eden Regina Wynters
Age: Twenty-one in both age and appearance.

Family History: Eden has never meet her father and not really fussed about it, she just assumed that her mother had seduce a poor man to her will. Her mother is a water Nymph and only had one child which is Eden.

Character History: Eden, is a fie Nymph, which surprised her mother greatly who was in fact a water one. Yet that didn't stop her mother trying to raise Eden the correct way. The Nymph way where they learn the basics of there element, history of there race, seduction techniques, old traditional dances, songs, poems and etc. Most of the stuff that Eden learnt believes it's actually rubbish to this current Era and age. Eden is actually very young for a Nymph being twenty-one is still a child to most people like angels, demons, Nymphs, Dragons and etc.
Eden was in her teenager years when she grew to hate water, she didn't mind boiling water, because thats hot, like her blood temperature. Which lead to Eden and her mother fighting constantly, not water vs fire kind of way. But the way Eden was dressing short skirts, tight tops, stockings. Sure back in the day Nymphs were generally naked in all there glory. Yet her being fourteen wasn't allowed to do that, her mother ripping up her clothes saying it wasn't ''proper'' for a young Nymph her age walking around Naked.. Well lets just say that the "proper" way that her mother want her to dress as a Nun. No flesh to be seen, after all fire Nymphs are rare. Eden was no different, her body temperature is higher then normal. Having flesh covered makes her a lot more hotter the normal, cause her to steam slightly, or worse of all -which he mother hates her doing- Burning her clothes, which generally results her being naked and clothes burnt to ashes by her feet.
So at the age of Seventeen Eden had a enough of her mother trying control her life. So she up and left her.
Eden found that modern life was her required taste, she became a Escort, not a Prostitute or anything like that. Single men paid her to go to fancy parties as there plus one. Surprisingly being young and no doubt beautiful to many eyes, the job be came easy to her which means easy money too. She's now Twenty-one, She was still a Escort, yet she was also part time model in Germany.

Physical Description: Eden is roughly about 5'7, a slim form, with Brunette hair and dark Grey eyes, which look like different shades of grey all depending on the lightning. She is lightly tanned, due to spending a large majority of her time outside along with a killer smile that she has inherited from her mother along with her facial structure which is slim, yet she had still a little of baby fat in her cheeks to make her look more youthful, she generally in a way glows, due to the colour of her skin. Due to her slim form Eden, doesn't really have a large bust, they are around a C cup, so they were on the small and big side. She always has well manicured nails too.

Personality: Eden is generally happy and good lucky kind of girl she always up for laughs and to have fun. Meeting new people she thinks the best way to get to known them is to get drunk with them, that way there is no hidden a gender to what they are planing to do with her. Yet this also relates to Eden having a bad habit of drinking. Eden loves to sleep, she believes that in her next life or previous life she was or going to be a cat! She generally also likes to play with things to like cats playing with mice, she tends to play with objects till they break. Then she generally loses interest quickly too. One think Eden can't actually stand for is drinking water or cold water, all due to her being a Fire Nymph, which is why she most of the time clashes with her own mother a lot. When Eden is in a foul mood, it's best to stay away and not get burnt, literally. She end up letting her temper hitting something or someone which is why she ends up taking hobby to distract her from destroying stuff. Eden has no problem with letting herself go, she could walk around naked with out a care in the world, take shorts of naked strangers bodies, light up peoples cigarettes and She's a Passionate aka Fiery Lover.

What species is you character? Nymph, fire.
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PostSubject: Re: Eden Wynters   Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:17 am


Made by myself.
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Eden Wynters
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