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 Levi Andrews

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Levi Andrews

Levi Andrews

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PostSubject: Levi Andrews   Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:39 pm


Name: Levi Alexander Andrews
Age: 350, but appears 28 years of age

Family History: Levi is the eldest of four children. Them with his mother and father made a tight-nit family of 6 that lived together in a lavish house on a plantation in southeastern America.

Character History: Levi Alexander, born September 9th to William and Elizabeth Andrews, grew up with his parents and three younger siblings on a stately plantation in the southeastern part of the newly discovered Americas. The Andrews family was a close as one could get when it came to families, and as the eldest son, he took his role very seriously. He made to follow in his father's footsteps and either build his home on the family land or obtain his own plantation nearby.

When he was 28 years of age, Levi had nearly everything he could ask for: his family by his side, the beginning of his own home near where he grew up, and a loving woman that would soon be his bride. However, all that changed one winter evening.

The knock on the door of his home so late didn't raise any suspicions for Levi as he often had his siblings wandering over to spend some time with their oldest brother. However, when the second, more urgent knock sounded, he knew this wasn't just an ordinary visit. Opening the door, he found his brother who was only two years younger then he was sprayed with blood and white as a sheet. Catching him as he fell, Levi barely heard Conner as he told him of the visitor that came calling and attacked all of them. How he was lucky to get away to come to warn him. Before his brother passed, right there in Levi's arms, Levi promised that he would put an end to whomever did this.

Going next door as quickly as he could, Levi kicked the door to his childhood home in and found his parents, younger sisters, and fiance slaughtered, their blood painting the walls and furniture of the family room that held so many precious memories. As he took in the scene, the one responsible for this massacre grabbed Levi from behind and bit him. Soon thereafter, his world went black...

When Levi awoke, several days had passed. He was still in his childhood home, in his own room even, and in the corner was a dark man that simply watched him. Before he could get up, the dark man moved with such speed that he was nearly invisible to Levi's sickly eyes. As the man slid an arm under his neck to support him, he felt something hot run into his mouth. Swallowing, the man smiled revealing just what he was. Levi remembered Conner's warning and immediately grabbed the pistol that he kept under his pillow and fired at the man before taking his dagger from his night stand and swiftly beheaded the man. Exhausting what little strength he had left, Levi fell into a deep sleep.

The following morning, he awoke with an intense thirst that he could not explain. Getting out of bed, he ignored the corpse of the dark man and looked in the mirror. Checking himself over, Levi soon, discovered that while he ended the one who had destroyed his family, he was now no better then that dark man. Gathering the few things that he held dear from his childhood home, Levi set it a blaze until it was nothing but smoldering ashes. Levi buried his brother next to the remains of the home they shared and stayed in his own home for a short time.

Eventually, Levi went on his way. He traveled where he could with his endless supply of time. Overtime, he grew to accept what he was and embraced it. He often thinks about his family, especially his brother since he was now one of those that had ended Conner's life. But, such was his fate. Levi now wanders and stays where he pleases for as long as he pleases. Subconsciously searching for something that will make him complete...

Physical Description: Levi stands at 5'11" with dark brown hair that is generally kept cut short. He has dark brown eyes that, even though he is a vampire, hold a warmth not commonly seen in those like him. As with others of his kind, Levi has slightly elongated, sharp, fangs that are a constant reminder of what he is. To help keep his family close, even though they've been gone for a long time, Levi wears a ring on his right ring finger that his father wore: a white gold band with a single square cut daimond.

Personality: Levi is a mysterious, quiet observer with his own way of doing things. When he speaks, he tends to speak with the wisdom he had gain throughout his years of life. He is one to fight for what he believes in and not sit by idle when action is needed. A lover of books, Levi often spends time reading wherever he might be. Being brought up in a well-to-do family, Levi does enjoy the simple fineries in life but is not overzealous when it comes to them. A sort of neat-freak, Levi likes order and everything in its proper place.

What species is you character? Vampire

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Azrael Auxilium

Azrael Auxilium

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PostSubject: Re: Levi Andrews   Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:43 pm

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Levi Andrews
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