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 Ezra Brandr

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Ezra Brandr

Ezra Brandr

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PostSubject: Ezra Brandr   Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:36 pm

Ezra Ophir Brandr

Name: Ezra Ophir Bradr
Age: 343 years old. Appears 27 years old.
Family History: Ezra and his family lived in a small village in the US during the thirteenth century. There was little more to their home than two beds that were shared between his seven member family, and a tiny kitchen. It wasn't often that they could even consume a proper meal, although the minute Ezra was old enough he was sent out to work with his father.

It was the year 1233 when their fates changed. The middle of the night was warmer that was pleasant but that didn't bother anyone. it was better than trying to rug up with no blankets to keep the chill away. Ezra was outside for a walk because he couldn't sleep when he heard screams echoing through the woods. Running back to his home, he entered to find that his mother, father and four younger siblings were all covered in blood and cold as ice.

In the midst of trying to wake his littlest sister, he was knocked out. He thought he was dead too, but he woke up some time later with an antagonising thirst and nobody around.

Your History: Ezra spent the first ten years of his new life trying to find the person who had destroyed his family and any future that he had planned. He figured out how to survive alone, and although he wished for his family back, a century later he found himself being able to force his mind to forget them. Now he simply roams, trying to find somewhere to feed and deep in the back of his mind; someone to join him in his long and lonely life.

Quick Description: Ezra is a charming, sophisticated man with a short temper and no worries when it comes to murder. He has spent enough time alone, that human emotion means little to him, and he will happily kill a room full of people if he happened to be hungry enough.

Which group you want to be part off: Vampires
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PostSubject: Re: Ezra Brandr   Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:41 pm

By Lilith (Tess)
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Ezra Brandr
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