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Ex Archangel Lucifer master of hell Ben_barnes_as_azrael_blake_by_untamed_silence-d4xl8g9

Name: Lucifer
Age: Old as time its self

Family History: Lucifer is a Cherub, belonging to the second highest order of the celestial hierarchy. He also has the title of Archangel, which means he is a prince in Heaven.

In the beginning, God creates the angels so they live in the light and spread goodness in the world. But to create good, evil must also be elaborated. Thus, He creates demons that dwell in darkness and spread evilness whilst following the strict divine law. They are kept under the surveillance of the angel Satan, member of the order of the Powers, who moderate the excesses of the demonic creatures and ensure they comply with the rules.

But one day, harmony collapses. Satan rebels against God and joins the ranks of the demons. They cease to follow the divine law and let their instincts guide them, sowing chaos in their wake. God has to react ruthlessly. He creates an army of angels whose mission is to maintain order in the world and regain control of the demonic legions. So begins an eternal war between good and evil. Hell is created, becoming an independent Heaven where angelic troops, led by the Archistratege Michael, relentlessly chase Satan and his demonic minions. At this time, Lucifer is among God's warriors. He fights valiantly against the enemy and distinguishes himself on the battlefield, quickly becoming the Champion of Heaven.

Lucifer has a privileged relationship with God. From the beginning of the war between good and evil, he defeats many demons. To reward his prowess, God gives him a lavish gift. Danjal, the author of the Fati Luciferi, or Luciferian Chronicles, describes this extraordinary gift in these terms:

Valiant warrior, for God, willing to suffer
Lucifer, mighty angel, receives from the Father
The dazzling Sword engraved with letters of might
And the Lord's lustrous Standard, the Light

Character History: As for the Archistratege Michael, he is very impressed by the exploits of his best warrior. Lucifer strictly obeys to orders, never grumbling when facing the most perilous operations. He is also the first to throw himself on the battlefield and the last to leave it. Throughout the fighting, their relationship evolves gradually towards a solid friendship based on respect and loyalty. Whilst Michael knows he can entrust Lucifer with the most difficult and important tasks, the best fighter of the celestial armies always supports Michael strategies and appreciates his finesse and his intelligence.

However, the relationships Lucifer has with some other high-rank angels are less friendly. Indeed, the archangel Uriel, prince of Thrones, experiences a morbid jealousy toward Lucifer and he covets the place the Bringer of Light owns at the side of God. As for Lucifer, he often patronises him, sometimes leaving a dawning note of pity in his expressions or his words. He cannot manage to appreciate nor even to respect him.

Moreover, exchanges are often tense between Lucifer and Sammael, a prince of Powers, nicknamed "the Warrior" by the the angels because of his incredible strength. An unconscious but tangible competition arises between them. Sammael's stature and strength surpass greatly those of Lucifer, but he distinguishes himself on the battlefield with his agility, fluidity and speed, and he performs extraordinary feats that defy the might of Sammael in combat.

One day, without warning, God tells the angels they will have to bow to Adam, the first man. In fact, proud of this creation He calls His most noble one, God wants the angels to recognise men as their superiors even if initially, the angelic beings were only to obey to Him. This news does not have unanimous support in the ranks of angels. Several angels oppose more or less openly to the request of the Lord. Small resistance groups are formed here and there, but discontent remains discreet.

At first, Lucifer is somewhat destabilized by the divine motion. Then one of his servant, member of a rebel angels group, exposes the possible consequences of prostration before men. Lucifer lacks confidence. For the first time in his life, he is afraid of someone. Men are unknown creatures which represent God's ultimate pride. He is frightened, but at the same time, he knows his value and refuses to be overcome by creatures that have not yet been able to prove themselves. He is even ready to challenge them on the battlefield in order to prove his superiority.

So on the appointed day, Lucifer believes he should not make the mistake to bow down before Adam. To the surprise of many, he rejects the Lord's request and refuses to bend his knee to the first man. About one third of the angels support him in his approach, but there is a fly in the ointment: at the last moment, the servant who convinced Lucifer cannot find the courage to oppose the divine will. To congratulate him on his actions, God grants him, a few days later, the title of Prince of the Cherubim, withdrawn from Lucifer at the time of his disobedience.

Lucifer and the other rebel angels are condemned to serve an eternal sentence on the burning grounds of Hell. Angelic troops are sent against them. A great war follows the disruption of order in Heaven. The celestial armies chase the new fallen angels who refuse to yield to the divine sentence. Many battles break out here and there, wreaking havoc in the ranks of both sides. On one side or the other, the prisoners are thrown into the abyss of Purgatory. The fallen angels end up directly in Hell whilstobedient ones eventually return to Heaven after a long trip in the Limbo.

During the final battle, Lucifer demonstrates his strength and agility accomplishing, once again, many exploits. In a close combat against Sammael, he proves his supremacy by breaking the wings of the mighty warrior apart. But such feats of arms are not sufficient to give the victory to the fallen. As a great strategist, Michael finds a way to defeat the Lucifer’s army. The last rebels are captured and their wings burnt. Michael deals himself with those of his old friend before pushing him into the abyss leading to Hell.

The Lucifer’s fall lasts six hundred sixty-six days. When he finally reaches the burning ground of Hell, he is greeted by Satan himself who mocks his new situation with sarcasm. The prince of demons is pleased to ridicule Lucifer, having beaten him repeatedly during the war between good and evil. Nevertheless, Satan agrees to incorporate in his ranks the fallen angels who are interested. Thus, like Asmodai and Mammon, some of them join the vast army of evil. Over time, their appearance changes to a more monstrous, demonic one. Other fallen angels, for their part, prefer to stay away from Satan. They retain most of their angelic features, having their broken wings as the only symbol of their downfall. Lucifer stays with them, away from the satanic troops.

His early years in Hell are difficult. At first, he refuses his fate. He denies the events, trying to forget his past and acts as if he was still an angelic prince at God's side. Then, over time, a smouldering anger seizes him. He curses everyone, especially those that are within his reach, and regularly experiences periods of rage in which he destroys everything in his path.

After a while, his anger fades. He turns to Heaven and tries to bargain his place back in. He promises to God a total humility and boundless loyalty to all creatures of His choosing. Plagued by the lack of response from the Lord, he then falls into a deep depression during which nothing matters to him.

After a very long period of time that would have seemed an eternity to many, he finally accepts his fate. However, he still feels some bitterness towards politics.

Over time, a small group of fallen angels composed of Danjal, Oza, Carnivean, Astaroth, Astoreth, Barbatos, Byleth, Vvall and Charis joins him. These beings accompany and serve him throughout their stay in Hell.

Lucifer appears near Missina, in Sicilia, in June 1264. At first, he is alone. He wanders a while in the woods and mountains of the kingdom. Then during a halt at an inn on the road between Muòrica and Vittoria, a priest, who stopped to have a bite to eat before continuing his way, notices the presence of a fallen angel. Although he does not know his identity, he makes sure to notify the other guests of the inn. Lucifer massacres all the men who attempt to prove their bravery by attacking him, and then leaves the place. Soon, the whole of Sicilia is informed of the situation; the hunt for the fallen begins.

It will nevertheless take several months before Lucifer’s true identity is known. In March 1265, Uriel, the Archangel at the head of the Inquisition, puts himself in search of his old acquaintance, thrilled to have a chance to find him. He takes his best fighters with him, well-aware of Lucifer’s power. Many of them are killed in the adventure, but Lucifer spares a few as his mood changes.

Despite many valiant knights and others who go in pursuit of him, Lucifer is still walking around Sicilia not caring much about the fear and hatred he causes on his path. A few months later, whilst he is in the market square of the city of Rannazzu, one of the gaping onlookers suddenly recognises him and alerts the massive crowd gathered outside the church. The fallen angel is then overcome by an unusual flow of energy. Danjal wrote:

His muscles, villainously shaking
In his blood, fearful bubbling
A wave of shivers, he could not repress
Misunderstanding, he fled the darkness

The following days, Lucifer remains isolated in the woods. The tension decreases gradually and he can start to live normally again. He then attempts to visit the main square of Cifalù, a smaller city, but the same phenomenon occurs when a child cries out his name at the top of his voice when he sees him. From that moment, the fallen angel avoids as best as he can cities where there are significant public gatherings. He prefers the life in the pine forests of Sicilia. And even if he sometimes stops in the villages, he always tries to go unnoticed.

In July 1268, Lucifer finds Danjal on the bank of a river near the village of Marvagna. They immediately get together, glad to finally break their loneliness. Danjal undertakes the writing of Lucifer's life story, the Fati Luciferi.

During the following months, several people who remained discreet until then, offer shelter to the two fallen angels. The most eminent of them is none other than Friedrich II, Emperor of Sicilia. Excommunicated twice, the monarch has for a long time now demonstrated that he does not fear the Divine Judgement. Furthermore, having developed a particular curiosity about the beings coming from Flael, the Emperor is interested in both Lucifer the fleaudian and Lucifer the warrior. Thanks to his open-mindedness, he counts several foreigners, resurrected monarchs and other unusual creatures among his friends. As for Lucifer, he accepts with pleasure the offered board and lodging but he refuses to get involved in any political matters. He wishes to remain neutral and does not want to get involved in the conflicts opposing Europe's elite. Nevertheless, he builds a solid friendship with the emperor whom he admires and respects. The two of them regularly spend complete afternoons talking about theology and medicine.

Since his fall to Hell, Lucifer has difficulty remembering what actually happened the day he disobeyed God. Then, shortly after his arrival in Europe, memories appear to him in successive visions. His memory flashes and he sees the servant, convincing him to refuse to bow down to men. He then begins a quest with the sole purpose of finding the one he calls the Usurpator (usurper). But his search proves difficult, because his former servant seems to have vanished in Europe. Without sufficient evidence, the fallen angel gradually abandons his search.

Lucifer's coat of arms
In addition, some more or less serious threats weigh on his shoulders. Among them is that of Sammael who vows to avenge his broken wings. On several occasions, whilst passing through some small villages in northern Italia, Lucifer is told about Sammael remarks, but the two beings seem to be destined not to meet. However, Lucifer hits another snag: Uriel is now obsessed with the desire of burning him. Angelic troops are fiercely hunting him down.

In 1279, he finds certain members of the group of fallen angels who were with him in Hell. Thus, Astaroth, Astoreth, Barbatos, Carnivean and Byleth join him and Danjal.

The following year, Byleth is captured in a skirmish between Luciferians and a group of angels and inquisitors led by Uriel. The next day he is burned at the stake of the Inquisition. Lucifer and his followers decide to avenge his death by hunting down the inquisitors throughout Germany. They are soon joined by several fleaudians who are tired of hiding and want to fight their persecutors.

Then, in the summer of 1281, the Inquisition’s doings decrease significantly after Charlemagne’s death. A few less combat-minded fallen angels, who remained hidden until now, leave their refuge. Thus, Oza, Charis, Vvall and several others join the existing troop to form a powerful band of fallen angels, –envied by lords who are more ambitious than Christian.

At the beginning of the Crozada Coeli, in 1285, Lucifer’s fallen angels stay away from all conflicts. Indeed, the war dividing Europe’s great monarchs is of little interest to the Prince of the fallen who prefers to flee and stay away from the fighting, having learned his lesson in Heaven. To him, politicians are repulsive and they entirely lost his trust, be they lords, emperors, kings or popes.

Nevertheless, the Emperor Friedrich II of Sicilia manages to convince Lucifer to help him in October 1289. The bond between the fallen angel and this man is strong. Lucifer has come to know and understand Friedrich II. Thus, for the first time in years, the Prince of the fallen agrees to take part in a political conflict and helps the Imperial forces held back by the angelic troops near Napoli. He then agrees to guard the fort of Pietraroja against the attacks of an enemy contingent led by none other than the Archistratege Michael in person. The fight lasts until sunset. The angelic troops suffer much more losses than the Luciferians who only have two injured warriors among their ranks. But there seem to be no end to the flow of enemy fighters. In the evening, the belligerents agree to seal a truce.

During the night, Lucifer and Michael meet in the woods. It is the first time they see each other since the downfall of the fallen angels. Danjal wrote:

Their silent eyes shouting admiration
Their sweaty hands betraying their hesitation
As real enemies, they gazed at each other
Once by blood united, they were brothers

During a lengthy discussion, Lucifer warns Michael that the French have won the battle north and that they will soon march toward Roma, if not already on their way. Thus, he tells him that he would better turn back and leave to defend the walls of the papal city. In exchange, Lucifer promises Michael to withdraw from this war. Once the promises are exchanged, the two friends leave, going their separate ways.

At dawn, Lucifer’s fallen angels are gone. A few hours later, Michael’s troops begin their withdrawal to Roma.

A few weeks later, after a quarrel with Pope Bonifacius VIII, Michael leaves the command of the papal armies for good. The French and Sicilian troops easily win the siege of Roma. The Pope is deposed, the Church decapitated.

Papacy is restored when the King of France appoints a new pope, in Avignon, at the border of his kingdom. The angels are repudiated and taken away from the Church’s ranks. A new era begins. During 1292, Europe is undergoing major changes. The repudiated angels end up in the woods, hunted down in turn by enraged people and numerous spiteful fleaudians. During the summer, a small group of angels and Luciferians meet in the woods of the Erzebirge (Ore Mountains) in Germany. They start to develop a mutual respect for each other. Carnivean, in particular, appreciates the angel’s company. After a short period of cohabitation, some of them choose to create the Broken Wing, a mercenary company combining the power of angels and fallen angels, which will soon impose itself in England. Lucifer and other fallen angels refuse to join this company. Nevertheless, the number of Luciferians is considerably reduced.

In the summer of 1294, whilst travelling through Germany, Lucifer stops in the city of Leipzig where the Archangel Sammael regularly goes to meet one of the lords with whom he does business. As he makes a stop at an inn, he hears that Samael, between his mercenary contracts, is looking for him to challenge him to a duel. Lucifer thus sends him a message in Brandenburg, where he is at that time, saying he will wait for him in Leipzig and that on August 24th, they will meet on the battlefield to determine who of them both is the strongest.

During the following weeks, Lucifer prepares for the ultimate confrontation with Sammael. Every day, he starts training at dawn. But, a few days before the deadline, an unexpected visit interferes with his plans. Indeed, one of the Demon Prince Mammon’s emissaries comes to the inn where Lucifer is and asks to see him. He has clues regarding the location of the Usurpator's hiding place. Lucifer abandons everything to go after his greatest enemy. He forgets about the duel against Sammael and all his hours of training. He only has one goal: finding the Usurpator.

In September 1294, Lucifer arrives on Eivissa (Ibiza) where the Usurpator sometimes hides. He secretly sweeps the island, but finds little trace of his worst enemy. Then, one afternoon, he reports to Asmodai’s palace, a Demon Prince. He meets with the master of Eivissa and tries by every means possible to convince him to help him in his quest. But, despite his syrupy attitude, the great demon refuses to give away the Usurpator’s hiding place.

The next day, Lucifer returns to Asmodai’s palace. He paces the corridors up and down, shouting his enemy’s name. He finally comes across Asmodai who asks him to calm down and reiterates that he will not find the one he is seeking in the palace. Lucifer is filled with a wave of anger. He spits out insults at the master of Eivissa, destroys much of the furniture, seeking the Usurpator in every corner and killing four demonic guards who try to control him. Only Danjal, who arrives a little later, manages to calm him down. The two fallen angels finally leave the palace in a nervous and hostile atmosphere, and then the island of Eivissa where they are not welcomed anymore.

This tantrum somewhat destabilizes Lucifer who decides to withdraw in order to reflect on his progression since his arrival in Europe. He undertakes a journey that leads him on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. He visits Northern Africa, immersing himself in its culture and in a new vision of the world. After several months spent in the region of the ancient Mauretania, he continues his journey to Egypt and Palestine.

In 1301, he isolates himself in the desert of Yehuda (Judea) where he begins a long period of meditation. He lives there like a hermit, fleeing travelers. He spends long hours reading and rereading many religious books (Christian, Muslim and Jewish) in which he discovers many mysteries. He understands that some flaws have shaped the world’s history. All his beliefs are then questioned and many doubts arise in his mind.

Physical Description:  He was the most beautiful being God had ever created.

Personality: Cruel and hateful, Likes playing with others minds and emotions very unforgiving.

What species is you character? Demons

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